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Emotional characteristics of people with number 19
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You keep yourself private, it is okay, but you tend to aloofness. You need to take a wider look on yourself and people around, because you want to reach your goal, but doing it alone may take too much time, while others can bring you an excellent idea, or point out mistakes that you didn't see.

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Think about society as a tool for making things better and achieving your goals. You can become really stubborn and obstinate.

Best Numerology Tips images in | Being used, Create yourself, Health, wellness

As a result you can be isolated and stop progressing. You are devoted to your ideas, and if they fail, you become harsher as a person. You are quite touchy, you try to avoid criticism instead of using it to make things better. Your determination is exceptional, and it can be highly rewarded, you just need to be more open and less narrow-minded.

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They have a strong desire to be independent. In order to accomplish something they will usually try to find alternative solutions than what is found previously, or presented by others. The self-determinism is so strong with this number that you will continually struggle to find the independence that you desire.

Numerology – Number 19, Nineteen

If you find that a solution or idea is something that has been used before, or is not original to you, you will continue to search until you find a completely original idea. This can cause a high amount of frustration and lack of contentment. You are very ambitious and have a strong drive for success and power. Although self-confident, you enjoy receiving encouragement and accolades.

You have a powerful work ethic which makes you a desirable addition to any venture.

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  6. People are drawn to your unwavering dedication to your work. You are a risk-taker and are not afraid to great lengths to achieve what you desire, even if it means a complete change of environment. Your greatest fault will be your unwillingness to consider the thoughts and ideas of others.

    Numerology Number 19

    You may have a tendency to isolate yourself in order to prove your accuracy. You can also be a perfectionist, and if your ideas or actions fail, you are especially hard on yourself.

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